Chain Hoist

A complete range is available, with lifting speeds up to 10/2.5 m/min and weight capacities ranging from 125 kg to 3200 kg. Chain hoists that use our cutting-edge technologies, such as variable frequency drives, radio remote control units, and overload protection, operate more efficiently, safely, and over an extended period of time. A dependable overload prevention system is included with our electric chain hoists. The brake provides the highest level of safety because it is put in place after the slip clutch. Additionally, it makes modifications simple and accurate. For lifting, the speed and ramp can be programmed with Variable Frequency Drive. Additionally, we provide Twin hook electric chain hoists with one running motor and gearbox and two hooks. It will work best in lifting applications when two lifting points are needed for a wide load or to maintain level lifting in a synchronised manner. Twin hook chain hoists are easy to use, dependable, and smooth. Each Hoist is constructed with a certain hook centre that is tailored to the particular use. Our dual hook electric chain hoist is relatively small in size, making it possible to utilise the hook approach and available area to the fullest.