Base Mounted Jib Cranes

Throughout its existence, NSK Enterprise has consistently been praised for producing high-quality Pillar Mounted Jib Crane. We can get the cantilever that is appropriate for each sort of application by using extremely precise motions in both the manual and motorised versions, which allows us to adapt to all types of demands.

It was designed and manufactured to handle loads at workstations that are challenging to use or access because of obstacles in the pathway or the magnitude of the weight being handled, which makes manual boom rotation difficult or impossible. In accordance with the needed range of rotation and capacity, the arm is motorizedly rotated using a gear motor or slew ring. Rotation of jib arm available with either 270° of slew in which case the jib arm rotates about a pivot post mounted one side of the pillar or up 360° of slew with the jib arm rotating about the pillar itself.

Our standard production covers jib cranes with a max load capacity of 5 Mt and a max outreach of 8 metres, but bigger jibs are also available. They are normally fitted with chain hoists, though wire rope hoists can also be used in case of larger load capacities.